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Our Courses - IT Technical

Our technical courseware has been developed to suit all students of varying knowledge and IT understanding. Please find below a link to our Tech:Train website

Tech:Train is our Technical Training brand, through the website you can experience our learning portal and participate in a live demonstration tutorial.

The aim of our courses is to allow anyone to learn or develop new IT skills that will be applicable to real work situations and enable them to improve their earning potential.

The really good thing is that you can do these courses from anywhere on the planet provided that you have a computer and an Internet connection.

It really is a very straight forward system designed for those who already have a good grasp on the computer environment yet wish to improve their skills base for new challenges.

Your path to success

Using Integrated Learning™, the nationally acclaimed online training program for IT certification

Study when you choose, where you choose

Have your questions answered by a team of experts

Get support every step of the way

Qualify for:-

  • More job opportunities
  • Greater earning power
  • Improved promotion prospects
  • Better job security

Online training…With all the benefits of the classroom... and at a fraction of the cost

What do our courses comprise of?

A suite of training products and online services, bring together the best features of instructor-led training, computer-based training and distance learning:

Course Manuals - the core material, whatever the method of study

Multimedia CDs - extra resources to aid independent learning

Online Mentoring - questions answered online by subject experts

Online Tutorials - live, interactive, instructor-led sessions

Online Progress Testing - used to measure progress and highlight areas of difficulty

Online Exam Preparation - practice for exams leading to recognised qualifications

Virtual Labs - online access to specialised systems

Learning Management System - online tools to access records and manage training

It is highly cost-effective, without sacrificing quality.

All of the training is delivered remotely fitting in and around your lifestyle. Select when you want to study and where you want to study from.

Contact with the instructor through online tutorials, is a very valuable aid to learning. All online activity, including test results (analysed by topic), questions to mentors (and their answers), as well as attendance of tutorials, is recorded in our central database.

Students can access their own records online. Virtual labs give students online access to expensive software and hardware to which they would not normally have access at home or the office.