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Dreamweaver 8   

Aims and Objectives

To teach website creation skills to OCR CLAiT Plus Level 2 using this popular web design program

Target Audience

Those familiar with HTML who want to learn how to use Dreamweaver 8 to create websites.


Some computer experience, familiarity with the Internet as well as experience of HTML

Course Content

Lesson One – Including: The opening screen, defining the web site, creating a first web page, saving a web page, adding images, adding text in code view, aligning items, modifying page properties, formatting the text, creating a text link, setting the document title

Lesson Two – Including: Create new folders in the site, create and link to a New CSS Style Sheet, redefine CSS style rules for the HTML body tag, redefine CSS style rules for the HTML H1, H2 and H3 tags, create and apply a number of new CSS style classes to text

Lesson Three – Including: Create named DIV tags, position named DIV tags on the page with rules in the stylesheet, embed and layer DIVs within, or over, each other, change the appearance of a DIVs borders, padding and background colours and images, apply text styles to a DIV tag area, control the positioning of elements throughout using just one stylesheet

Lesson Four – Including: Find and insert images using the site assets panel, insert images into the DIV tag areas, use images and links to create all the main navigation in your site, create an image hotspot to link to another page, create a table to arrange the buttons in the menu, create a menu of images linked to pages in the site

Lesson Five – Including: Organise intricate content with tables, create a small registration form, create a navigation jump menu, use behaviours to make javascript rollovers

Lesson Six – Including: Import text from a text file, applying styles to the text, make and edit a useful numbered list, position an image within a text block, be able to create relative, absolute and email text links, create meta tags for description and keywords, insert special text characters, finish and re-use our template page, organise main page content with layout tables

Lesson Seven – Including: Import and reformat data from Microsoft Excel, insert and link to anchors within the page, create a bulleted list of text links, create a new browser window, create and save frames, organise and save frames within a frameset, target links from one frame to another, display an Office document and PDF in your web site, create a contact form with various input fields, validate the fields in a form with behaviours

Course Duration: 16 Hours

Course Code: 1020195173