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Go...Make a Difference!    

Aims and Objectives

To teach how a difference can be made in your personal or professional life through self-development.

Target Audience

Those who want to learn how to use the Go Mad® Thinking System in order to achieve personal and business success.


Basic working knowledge of the Word program

The motivation to want to make a difference

Course Content

Module One – Including: Getting straight to the point, knowing what the 7 key principles of the Go MAD® system are, being familiar with the Go MAD® framework, knowing the reasons why you want to make a difference, making a start on principle one

Module Two – Including: Understanding your natural ability, being able to define your own success, deciding what you want, developing your goal writing ability, filtering out negative thoughts, defining your goal

Module Three – Including: Knowing how to plan priorities, gaining self control, the difference between urgent and important, developing a system, knowing how to de-clutter, being aware of the time stealers, understanding that the plan may change

Module Four – Including: Having self belief, becoming your own best friend, being able to sell yourself to yourself, knowing how to write self-talk statements, being able to recognise the dream stealers, eliminating failure

Module Five – Including: How to involve others to make a difference, why you should involve others, being able to share your goal, being aware of your qualities

Module Six – Including: Taking personal responsibility for your actions, refusing to blame others or make excuses, leading by example, choosing to make time, overcoming bitterness and resentment

Module Seven – Including: Being ready to take action, facing challenges, measuring the difference, importance of defining new goals, celebrating success

Module Eight – Including: Solution focused thinking, the four Go MAD® thinking components, changing hindering thoughts into helpful thoughts, systems thinking and process thinking, coaching others, applying Go MAD® to teams, meetings and projects, making a start to MAD®…..


Know how to use the Go MAD® Thinking System to achieve personal and business success

The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace

A personalised workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course

Course Duration: 6-8 Hours

Course Code: 102011232