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Computer Keyboard Skills (Online)

Aims and Objectives

To learn to touch type accurately

The ability to type accurately at 20-30 words per minute

Contributes towards NVQ 'Using Information Technology' and 'Administration'

Increased work performance for anyone using a PC

Essential preparation for core office and word processing training

A wide choice of training locations and times , and the flexibility and value of self-study training methods that allow for different learning speeds and styles

A personalised workbook with hands on exercises , which complements the audio tapes , to provide a step-by-step learning and a future reference manual

The opportunity to gain a widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate

Target Audience

Those who wish to learn to touch type accurately at approximately 15-25 words per minute


At a Pitman Training Centre - None

At home/work - familiarity with using the Internet

Course Content

24 modular units to introduce and consolidate the alpha-numeric keys

Web-based - anytime , anywhere training

Learning management system (LMS) providing reporting and tracking

Online/offline functionality to reduce Internet connection time

Audio on/off functionality

Workbook with exercises

Course introduction , ergonomics , interface guide

24 units teaching and consolidation letters , numbers , capitals and punctuation . 'Pitman Training Olympics' typing games

Accuracy and speed feedback on completion of each unit

Mock exam

Final exam (to be completed at PTC only)

Pitman Training Certificate on successful completion

Course Duration: 18 Hours

Course Code: 1010190203