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Audio Transcription Level 2    

Aims and Objectives

To achieve audio transcription skills to the OCR Text Processing Level 2 Audio Transcription (Intermediate) syllabus.

Know how to transcribe business documents in order to sit the OCR Text Processing Level 2 Audio Transcription (Intermediate) examination.

The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace.

A personalised workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course.

The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate.

Target Audience

Those wishing to build on their audio transcription skills using a word processor who wish to take an OCR examination in Audio Transcription at Level 2.


Familiar with a word processing program, ideally Word. Basic audio-transcription skills, ideally have completed the Audio Transcription Level 1 course.

Course Content

Lesson One – Transcribing a letter, memo and report, including the changing of line spacing.

Lesson Two – Transcribing a variety of documents which include special marks, brackets and vertical space, routing of documents.

Lesson Three – Transcribing a variety of documents, including those which include the display of text in columns.

Lesson Four – Transcribing documents from dictation including hesitations, corrections and missing text.

Lesson Five – Transcribing documents and timing to help increase speed.

Lesson Six – Transcribing a variety of documents without a break and timing.

Course Duration: 14 Hours

Course Code: