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Word Expert   

Aims and Objectives

To learn Microsoft Office Word to an Expert level.

You will benefit from the flexibility and value of this course designed to enable you to work at your own pace.

You will be given a personalised workbook to use and keep as a reference guide on completion of the course as well as the opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate.

Target Audience

Those familiar with using Microsoft Word who now wish to learn advanced features.


Working knowledge of the Word program

Course Content

Lesson One – Mail merge using existing documents, create a main document and a datasource, set filter options within mail merge, use mail merge to create envelopes and labels

Lesson Two – Merge letters and labels with data sources from other programs, print a datasource,
sort records, update, insert and delete records, manage fields

Lesson Three – Apply paragraph shading, sort paragraphs. sort data in a table, insert calculations in a table, update fields, insert an embedded object, insert a linked object, update links, use paste special, import a file from Excel to create a chart, modify a chart, sort records, update, insert and delete records, manage fields

Lesson Four – AutoSummarise, use Word Count, change file properties, create multiple versions of a document. protect documents, use Find and Replace to locate special characters, attach a digital signature to documents

Lesson Five - Create and modify a table of contents, create and modify an index. create cross-reference in an index, insert a bookmark

Lesson Six - Control the flow of text, create a watermark, modify a document background, create and revise footnotes and endnotes, insert a caption, insert a cross-reference within a document, set up different page numbering within a document, work with master documents and subdocuments

Lesson Seven - Create a macro, run a macro, assign a macro to a keystroke, assign a macro to a toolbar button, edit a macro, delete a macro, use a form, create a form, create a drop-down list, create a date format, use calculations in a form

Lesson Eight - Insert a movie, modify a web page, apply a theme to a document, save a document in XML format, attach a schema to a Word document, apply XML tags to a document

Course Duration: 20 Hours

Course Code: