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Office.......Fast! Modules 4 - 6   

Aims and Objectives

To enable users to be confident in finding their way around the programs

Target Audience

Those who want to learn the new features of Outlook, Access and Publisher


Experience of using Outlook, Access and Publisher

Course Content

Module Four – Including: Outlook opening screen, navigation pane, collapsing and expanding items, To-Do bar, Mail group, RSS Feeds folder, previewing an attachment, flagging messages, using categories, the calendar, contacts, inserting a business card, tasks

Module Five – Including: Access opening screen, opening an existing database, navigation pane, changing views, creating and modifying table, Access options, adding fields to an existing table, modifying data types and properties in datasheet view, modifying field properties in design view, multi value field, attachment field, searching for a record, applying sorts and filters, creating a form, working in layout view, creating a split form. using the group, sort and total pane

Module Six – Including: Publisher opening screen, creating and customising a flyer, creating and editing a Business Information Set, Flyer Options, Page Options, Publisher Tasks, adding an item to the Content library, inserting an object from the Content Library, formatting a background, Email merge, deleting an item in the Content Library. deleting a Business Information Set

Course Duration: 6 Hours

Course Code: 1010110985