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Office.......Fast! Modules 1 - 3   

Aims and Objectives

To enable users to be confident in finding their way around the programs

Target Audience

Those who want to quickly learn the new interface and features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint


Experience of using Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Course Content

Module One – Including: the Microsoft Office interface, the Word opening screen, the Office button, Word options, working with an existing document, customising the quick access toolbar, formatting text, inserting a cover page, inserting SmartArt, changing margins, inserting a caption, changing views, print preview, saving and compatibility mode, creating a new document, building blocks

Module Two – Including: the Excel opening screen, the Office menu, opening an existing workbook, formatting text, entering formulas, customising the status bar, formatting numerical data, conditional formatting, styles, charts, themes, adding a custom list, using the formula bar, functions, protecting the worksheet, different views

Module Three – Including: the PowerPoint opening screen, opening an existing presentation, slide layouts, using the font group on the home tab, adding bullets, inserting a table, different views, inserting a picture, design views, animating an object, previewing the presentation, using spellcheck, slide master view, inserting a custom layout, inserting a SmartArt graphic

Course Duration: 6 Hours

Course Code: 1010110983