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Excel Expert

Aims and Objectives

To learn Excel to Microsoft Office Expert Level

Know how to use Excel to an expert level

The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace

A personalised workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course

The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training certificate

The opportunity to gain an OCR CLAiT Advanced unit certificate and a Microsoft Office Specialist certificate at Expert level

Target Audience

Those familiar with using Microsoft Excel to an intermediate level who now wish to learn advanced features


Working knowledge of the Excel program, ideally having completed the first Microsoft Office Excel course

Course Content

Lesson One - Including: Creating a template, using an existing template, editing a template, creating custom views, deleting custom views, consolidating data, creating a workspace file, using workspace files, creating and modifying custom number formats, using conditional formatting, deleting conditional formatting

Lesson Two - Including: Printing grouped worksheets and multiple workbooks, naming and modifying cell ranges, moving a named range, using range names to locate data, deleting a named range, using range names in calculations, formatting and resizing graphics, formatting charts and diagrams, finding trends in data

Lesson Three - Including: Setting security levels for macros, creating macros, running macros, editing a macro, creating a toolbar and menu to hold macros, deleting macros, deleting a toolbar button, deleting a custom toolbar and menu

Lesson Four - Including: Applying data validation rules, adding input messages and error alerts, locating invalid data, tracing precedents and dependents, tracing errors, evaluating formulas, using the watch window, using AutoFilter and Advanced Filter, using a data form

Lesson Five - Including: Compiling subtotals and consolidations, summarising data using outlining tools, using the database functions DSUM and DAVERAGE, using the Query Wizard with an external data source, analysing data using pivot tables, creating a pivot table chart, creating a pivot table chart, creating a pivot table from external data

Lesson Six - Including: Using data analysis to calculate rank and percentile, solving a problem using goal seek, using solver to calculate a quotation, creating What-If Analyses using the scenario manager

Lesson Seven - Including: Protecting worksheets and workbooks, applying and removing passwords, sharing a workbook, merging workbooks, understanding workbook history, track changes , eccept or reject changes, using digital signatures

Lesson Eight - Including: Inserting an embedded object inserting a linked object, retrieving data fro the web, saving as a web page, publishing worksheets, editing a web page and republish, saving an Excel workbook as an XML document, mapping daa in a workbook, importing an XML document into an existing mapping

Course Duration: 18 Hours

Course Code: