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Final Accounts II

Aims and Objectives

To learn how to extend the Trial Balance in order to prepare the Final Accounts of business (Profit and Loss account and Balance sheet)

Target Audience

Those who wish to perform the final accounts of a business


Students must have basic book-keeping skills. Ideally they should have completed the Basic Book-keeping , Purchase Ledger and Sales Ledger courses and must have completed Final Accounts I

Course Content

Lesson 1: Adjustments made to the Trial Balance; capital expenditure and revenue expenditure; calculating accruals and prepayments; bad debts; calculating the value of stock

Lesson 2: Using the Journal; double entry to be used for the most common year-end adjustments; making Journal entries in order to record adjustments made in the ledger accounts

Lesson 3: Extending the Trial Balance to include Journal entries , accruals and prepayments; calculating the profit , or loss of the business

Lesson 4: Preparing a P&L account and Balance Sheet; preparing a profit and loss account and balance sheet; calculating the gross profit percentage; calculating the mark up percentage

Lesson 5: Closing off the ledger accounts; identifying which balances are transferred to the next accounting period and which are transferred to the Profit and Loss account

Course Duration: 12 hours

Course Code:1010290231