Secretarial Diploma

Designed for individuals who wish to gain a range of essential computer and office ksills to fast-track them into a secretarial role.

Diploma Description

Good secretaries are the backbone of most businesses - the essential staff who make the day-to-day things happen and whose professional efficiency enables the organisation’s executives and managers to work effectively.That’s why the role is highly valued and why qualified people are always in demand.

The skills required cover a wide range;from keyboard and typing speed;to total mastery of the most common business software;to business communication techniques.

Learning these skills is easy with Pitman Training. Our tried and trusted methods are the best available and are designed for speedy results.

You work at your own pace in our comfortable premises, helped by experienced tutors as required.The atmosphere is relaxed and non-competitive.

You choose your own hours, working when it suits you – and keep the reference books and training manuals when the course is over.

The subjects covered are shown opposite. Together, they will equip you to start a secretarial career with complete confidence.

On completion of your final exams, you will receive a Pitman Training Diploma that is recognised nationally and internationally by employers.

Core Courses

Keyboard Skills – Learn how to touch type accurately, using the correct keyboard technique

Keyboard Skills Development – Develop your typing speed to improve productivity using graded copying exercises and time dictations. A number of stages are available of up to 70 wpm

Effective Business Communication – Learn to communicate effectively in business – via letter, email, telephone and personal presentations

Microsoft Word – Introductory and intermediate word processing skills to a good employable standard

Microsoft PowerPoint – Gain competency in creating slide presentations. Areas covered include formatting, inserting tables, pictures, sound, hyperlinks, applying transition and timing effects for a slide show

Microsoft Outlook – Learn how to share, manage and schedule information electronically

Audio Transcription Level 1 – Learn to type from audio dictation using a variety of correspondence eg memos, reports and letters

Microsoft Excel – Introductory and intermediate spreadsheet skills to a good employable standard

Elective Units (Choose 2)

Basic Book-Keeping – Gain a clear understanding of the basic principles of book-keeping. Learn how to maintain the cash book, petty cash books and reconcile the bank statement.

Internet Skills – Learn the main principles of using the internet, become familiar with Internet Explorer, learn search techniques and how to send an email using Outlook Express.

Introduction to Computers – Learn Basic computer skills from using a mouse to file management; from the internet to email; from word processing skills to spreadsheet by studying either our Windows XP or PC Basics course.

Microsoft Word Expert – Learn advanced word processing skills including mail merge, graphs, macros, creating an index and table of contents to mention just a few

Microsoft Access – Develop database skills from initial design stage to running reports and queries

Microsoft Publisher – Learn desktop publishing skills using this Microsoft programme. Create various publications, inserting text, pictures, frames and tables.

Course Benefits

Equip you to start a new career

The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace

Personalised workbooks to use as a reference guide on completion of your training

The opportunity to gain a Pitman Training Diploma that is recognised nationally and internationally by employers

Course Duration: 9 weeks full-time* (170 hours flexi study) * based on a 20 hour week

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Secretarial soft skills: confidence

At Pitman Training Hammersmith, candidates often know that they need to do a secretarial course to get a job as a secretary or PA. However, like every career, there are other skills required too. Often, these are termed ‘soft skills’ mainly because they concern the emotions and personal traits required to do the job. Although difficult to measure, they are crucial to the position of secretary.  

One such ‘soft skill’ which is often overlooked is confidence. Without a degree of confidence, an aspiring secretary will find it difficult to reach the pinnacle of their profession.

Therefore, how does the aspiring secretary develop the required confidence? Confidence is often based on a belief that you are competent to do the task required. Often the more the person believes that they have the relevant skills, the more confidence the person acquires.

Whilst learning the skills is a necessary part of confidence building for the aspiring secretary, often more is required to really become confident. During the secretarial course, work experience is often encouraged because the more the candidate uses the skills they have learned during the secretarial course, the more confident they will feel. This experience is invaluable for creating confidence.

All secretarial course providers need to encourage the candidate to get their CV finished and start searching for work. Work experience in their chosen field can have as much impact on their confidence levels as secretarial courses.

Some aspiring secretaries are often worried about finding a job and do not have the confidence to sit interviews. If this is the case, the candidate must confide in their  secretarial course provider about their difficulties with interviews. In response, the secretarial course provider will gladly go through role plays with the candidate so that the candidate is competent to sit an interview. It is surprising how many people have very little confidence at interviews.

Mike Connolly has written many articles on secretarial courses and the skills required to be taught as part of a secretarial course. For further details on the skills required to become a secretary look at the course outlines on the Pitman Training Hammersmith website.