Receptionist Diploma


This Diploma is designed for individuals who wish to gain a range of essential office and computer skills to be able to fulfil the receptionist role - an integral role within a business operation.

Diploma Description

A good receptionist is considered to be an integral part of a business operation and with the right skills and training will be fulfilling one of the most challenging roles of any organisation. As the eyes and ears of the business, the receptionist is, to some extent, a buffer for other people in the office.

One of the most important functions of the role is to be of help to others. You will be expected to multi-task and deal with enquiries even when you are busy. If you like taking care of people but don’t want the responsibility of being a manager or team leader then this role can offer you a great chance to liaise with and organise people.

Telephone call handling, keyboard and good administrative skills are essential for most receptionists. Pitman Training gives you the opportunity to learn these valuable skills to enable you to work successfully within this demanding and most crucial role. Learning receptionist skills is easy with Pitman Training.

Our tried and trusted methods are the best available. You will work at your own pace in our comfortable premises, helped by experienced tutors as required. You choose your own hours and keep the reference materials when the course is over.

On completion, you will receive a Pitman Training Diploma that is recognised nationally and internationally by employers.

Core Subjects

Computer Keyboard Skills – Learn how to touch type accurately, using the correct keyboard technique

Communication at Work - Learn how to communicate effectively in the workplace using verbal and non-verbal communication. Understand the principles and structure of written communication

Business Document Production - Develop skills and understanding of routine and complex business documents and the conventions used in their production and presentation.

Professional Receptionist Seminar - A one-day seminar which will give the individual an understanding of the importance of the receptionist's role, and how to project the best image for their company

Microsoft Word – Introductory and intermediate word processing skills to a good employable standard

Microsoft Outlook – Learn how to share, manage and schedule information electronically

Elective Subjects - choose ONE

Keyboard Speed Development – Develop your typing speed to improve productivity using graded copying exercises and time dictations. A number of stages are available of up to 70 wpm

Microsoft Excel – Introductory and intermediate spreadsheet skills to a good employable standard

Audio Transcription Level 1 – Learn to type from audio dictation using a variety of correspondence eg memos, reports and letters

Go...Make a Difference! - Learn how a difference can be made both professionally and personally through self-development

Course Benefits

Equip you to start a new career

The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace

Personalised workbooks to use as a reference guide on completion of your training

The opportunity to gain a Pitman Training Diploma that is recognised nationally and internationally by employers

This Diploma provides you with the essential skills including call-handling, keyboard and administrative skills to work successfully within this demanding role.

Guideline Learning Time

4 wks full-time* (110 hrs flexi study)

* full-time is based on approx 20-30 hour week