Executive PA Diploma


Designed for individuals who wish to gain comprehensive secretarial, business and computer skills in preparation for career as a Personal Assistant at high-level management.

Diploma Description

Executive PAs play an influential and important role in the business world. The support they provide to senior executives is central to the running of many good organisations. That’s why the jobs are highly valued, well paid, interesting and rewarding.

The skills required cover a wide range; from keyboard and computer; to total mastery of essential business software; to interpersonal and communication techniques. Shorthand is an additional option, if you wish.

Learning these considerable skills is easy with Pitman Training. Our tried and trusted methods are the best available and are designed for speedy results.

You work at your own pace in our comfortable premises, helped by experienced tutors as required. The
atmosphere is relaxed and non-competitive.

You choose your own hours,working when it suits you – and keep the reference books and training manuals
when the course is over.

The subjects covered are shown below. Together, they will equip you to start a new career as an Executive PA.

On completion of your final exams, you will receive a Pitman Training Diploma that is recognised nationally and internationally by employers. Invest in yourself

Acquiring these vital business skills (and your Pitman Training Diploma to prove it) will repay the cost in improved employment opportunities and job satisfaction. What better investment in your own future? The sooner you start, the sooner you will benefit.

Core Subjects

Computer Keyboard Skills – Learn how to touch type accurately, using the correct keyboard technique

Keyboard Skills Development – Develop your typing speed to improve productivity using graded copying exercises and time dictations. A number of stages are available of up to 70 wpm

Effective Business Communication – Learn to communicate effectively in business – via letter, email, telephone and personal presentations


Business Document Production - Develop skills and understanding of routine and complex business documents and the conventions used in their production and presentation.

Microsoft Word – Introductory and intermediate word processing skills to a good employable standard

Microsoft Word Expert – Learn advanced word processing skills including mail merge, graphs, macros, creating an index and table of contents to mention just a few

Microsoft Outlook – Learn how to share, manage and schedule information electronically

Audio Transcription Level 1 – Learn to type from audio dictation using a variety of correspondence eg memos, reports and letters

Audio Transcription Level 2 - To achieve audio transcription skills to the OCR Text Processing Level 2 Audio Transcription (Intermediate) syllabus

Microsoft Excel – Introductory and intermediate spreadsheet skills to a good employable standard

Microsoft Excel Expert – Learn advanced spreadsheet skills, covering areas such as importing and exporting data, creating and using templates, linking workbooks, data management, using analysis tools and pivot tables

Microsoft PowerPoint – Gain competency in creating slide presentations. Areas covered include formatting, inserting tables, pictures, sound, hyperlinks, applying transition and timing effects for a slide show

Microsoft Access – Develop database skills from initial design stage to running reports and queries

Go...Make a Difference! - Learn how a difference can be made both professionally and personally through self-development

Optional Subjects(s)-

Teeline or Pitman Training Shorthand (optional) – Learn the complete theory of either shorthand system. This will enable you to take notes at speeds of up to 70 wpm

Elective Courses - Choose FOUR

Office ...Fast! Modules 1-3 and 4-6 - To enable users to be confident in finding their way around the programs

Introduction to Computers – Learn Basic computer skills from using a mouse to file management; from the internet to email; from word processing skills to spreadsheet by studying either our Windows XP or PC Basics course.

Microsoft FrontPage – Learn web page design skills using this Microsoft programme. Create a website adding text, pictures, tables, hotspots, search forms etc.

Microsoft Publisher – Learn desktop publishing skills using this Microsoft programme. Create various publications, inserting text, pictures, frames and tables.

Basic Book-Keeping – Gain a clear understanding of the basic principles of book-keeping. Learn how to maintain the cash book, petty cash books and reconcile the bank statement.

Get into Marketing – Learn the main principles of marketing covering subjects such as product life cycle, pricing and promotion strategies, advertising, attending and exhibiting at Trade Shows.

Get into PR – Learn the main principles of public relations, creating a company newsletter, the PR plan, press releases, crisis management and pr and the internet.

Get into HR – Learn the main principles of personnel, including methods of recruitment, reviewing application forms, preparing for interviews, employee induction, contracts of employment

The Legal Secretary - An Introduction – Gain an introduction to the work, responsibilities, practice and structure of a legal office including rules and guidelines, terminology, legal personnel, court system and documentation covering different legal specialisms.

Internet Skills – Learn the main principles of using the internet, become familiar with Internet Explorer, learn search techniques and how to send an email using Outlook Express.

Introduction to HTML – Learn to create a website using the programming language HTML (hypertext mark-up language).

Dreamweaver 8 – Learn to create a website using the most popular industry-standard web design program, inserting text, images, adding backgrounds, creating links and anchors, creating tables and creating framesets.

Seminars - Minutes and Meetings and Executive PA

Further enhancements

OCR Examinations as appropriate

Course Benefits

The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace

Personalised workbooks to use as a reference guide on completion of your training

The opportunity to gain a Pitman Training Diploma that is recognised nationally and internationally by employers

Guideline Learning Time

12 wks full-time* (320 hrs flexi study) with shorthand

10 wks full-time* (260 hrs flexi study) without shorthand

* full-time is based on approx 20-30 hour week