Business IT Diploma with Marketing and PR


This Diploma is designed for Individuals who wish to gain essential office and computer skills in preparation for a career in Marketing and PR.

Diploma Description

With customers at the heart of almost every business, there is a role for marketing in almost every sector. These varied and challenging careers can be found in organisations that provide products or services or, in agencies – integrated or specialist advertising, PR, marketing, direct marketing, web design or research agencies.

It is not surprising then that it is a popular choice, consistently ranking in the top three careers. PR can be described as the management of reputation. PR account executives are responsible for communicating key messages to defined target audiences to establish goodwill and understanding between an organisation and its public.

More often than not, PR works in conjunction with other marketing initiatives to convey a consistent brand message to the marketplace. You may want a job covering all aspects of marketing, or you may want to work in a specific area. This diploma will give you a broad understanding of marketing and public relations to enable you to make an informed decision about which route your career will take.

Learning these essential skills is easy with Pitman Training. Our tried and trusted methods are the best available. You will work at your own pace in our comfortable premises, helped by experienced tutors as required. You choose your own hours and keep the reference materials when the course is over.

On completion, you will receive a Pitman Training Diploma that is recognised nationally and internationally by employers.

Core Subjects

Computer Keyboard Skills –Learn how to touch type accurately, using the correct keyboard technique


Keyboard Skills Development – Develop your typing speed to improve productivity using graded copying exercises and time dictations. A number of stages are available of up to 70 wpm

Effective Business Communication – Learn to communicate effectively in business – via letter, email, telephone and personal presentations


Business Document Production - Develop skills and understanding of routine and complex business documents and the conventions used in their production and presentation.

Microsoft Word – Introductory and intermediate word processing skills to a good employable standard

Microsoft Word Expert – Learn advanced word processing skills including mail merge, graphs, macros, creating an index and table of contents to mention just a few

Microsoft Outlook – Learn how to share, manage and schedule information electronically

Microsoft Excel - Introductory and intermediate spreadsheet skills to a good employable standard


Microsoft Excel Expert – Learn advanced spreadsheet skills, covering areas such as importing and exporting data, creating and using templates, linking workbooks, data management, using analysis tools and pivot tables

Microsoft Access – Develop database skills from initial design stage to running reports and queries

Microsoft Outlook – Learn how to share, manage and schedule information electronically

Microsoft PowerPoint – Gain competency in creating slide presentations. Areas covered include formatting, inserting tables, pictures, sound, hyperlinks, applying transition and timing effects for a slide show

Microsoft Publisher - Learn desktop publishing skills to create various publications, inserting text, pictures, frames and tables

Get into PR - Learn the main principles of public relations, creating a company newsletter, the PR plan, press releases, crisis management, and PR in relation to the internet

Get into Marketing - Learn the main principles of marketing covering subjects such as a product life cycle, pricing and promotion strategies, advertising, attend and exhibiting at trade shows.

Course Benefits

Equip you to start a new career

The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace

Personalised workbooks to use as a reference guide on completion of your training

The opportunity to gain a Pitman Training Diploma that is recognised nationally and internationally by employers

This Diploma provides you with vital business skills to apply for your first Marketing or PR job with complete confidence.

Guideline Learning Time

6 weeks full-time* (180 hours flexi study)

* full-time is based on approx 20-30 hour week