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Aims and Objectives

The ability to touch type accurately using a Microsoft windows environment

The ability to type accurately at 20-30 words per minute

Contributes towards NVQ 'Using Information Technology' and 'Administration'

Increased work performance for anyone using a PC

Essential preparation for core office and word processing training

A wide choice of training locations and times , and the flexibility and value of self-study training methods that allow for different learning speeds and styles

A personalised workbook with hands on exercises , which complements the audio tapes , to provide a step-by-step learning and a future reference manual

The opportunity to gain a widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate

Target Audience

Anyone who expects to use a PC regularly


Familiarisation with Windows

Course Content

25 modular units to introduce and consolidate the alpha-numeric keys

End of course Validation Test

Course Duration: 14-18 Hours

Course Code: 1010190113

Aims and Objectives

To learn the theory of Teeline shorthand in 35 hours* and be able to write up to 40 wpm

Target Audience

Those who wish to learn a well-known shorthand method quickly in order to work in administration or possibly as a journalist


Some word processing experience and a desire to learn a shorthand skill

Course Content

Lesson One – The Teeline Alphabet from A to M

Lesson Two – The Teeline Alphabet from N to Z

Lesson Three – Join letters T, D and F, punctuation marks, short sentences

Lesson Four – Joining S, word endings, soft C

Lesson Five – Downward and upward short L, special use of L, joining the letter B to letters G and N, joining the letter J with B, C and K, outlines with R followed by M

Lesson Six – More common word outlines, writing outlines for words beginning WH, grouping words together to form one outline, transcribing a short passage from dictation

Lesson Seven – The use of vowels, more vocabulary using vowels

Lesson Eight – Outlines to represent double vowels, vowel indicators for word endings, simple word groupings

Lesson Nine – Blend letters, lengthening L, M and W to add R, extending the use of R, writing further special outlines

Lesson Ten – Words ending with –TION, more blends, common word groupings

Lesson Eleven – Words using the CM, CN and CNV blends, outlines for words ending –NCE, additional special outlines

Lesson Twelve – Shortened outlines for word beginnings, more special outlines and word groupings

Lesson Thirteen – Using full vowels to form word endings, abbreviations for different word endings, Teeline outlines for figures and dates, days of the week and months of the year,

Lesson Fourteen – Further vocabulary, more simple and common words, additional word groupings, consolidation

Course Duration: 10 Hour Blocks

Course Code: 1010291101

Aims and Objectives

To enable students to create web sites using Dreamweaver

Know how to use Dreamweaver 4.0 in order to create web sites

The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace

A personalised workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course

The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate

Target Audience

Those who wish to learn how to use this popular web design program to create web sites


Basic working knowledge of the Dreamweaver program

Course Content

Lesson 1: Launching Dreamweaver; Dreamweaver Environment; Previewing in a browser; Entering Text and Editing Images; Viewing HTML and Download Time

Lesson 2: Creating a new web page; Formatting text; saving a web page; Working with images; Working with backgrounds; Adding a horizontal rule

Lesson 3: Defining a site; Designating the home page; Creating folders; Working with templates

Lesson 4: Importing text; Importing HTML text; Working with line and paragraph breaks; Special characters; Character formatting; Paragraph Formatting; Creating HTML styles

Lesson 5: Creating links within a web site; Creating links using browse for file; Creating links using point to file; Creating anchors; Creating external links

Lesson 6: Importing an image; resizing an image; Using an image as a link; Creating image maps; Text labels for graphics

Lesson 7: Creating a table; Inserting and deleting rows and columns; Formatting text in tables; Changing column widths; Changing cell dividers

Lesson 8: Creating a frameset; Adding web pages to a frameset; Linking in frames

Lesson 9: Checking the links; uploading the site

Course Duration: 16-18 Hours

Course Code: 1010195103

Aims and Objectives

To learn Excel 2007 to Microsoft Office Expert Level

Know how to use Excel 2007 to an expert level

The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace

A personalised workbook to use as a reference guide on completion of the course

The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training certificate

The opportunity to gain an OCR CLAiT Advanced unit certificate and a Microsoft Office Specialist certificate at Expert level

Target Audience

Those familiar with using Microsoft Excel to an intermediate level who now wish to learn advanced features


Working knowledge of the Excel 2007 program, ideally having completed the first Microsoft Office Excel 2007 course

Course Content

Lesson One - Including: Creating a template, using an existing template, editing a template, creating custom views, deleting custom views, consolidating data, creating a workspace file, using workspace files, creating and modifying custom number formats, using conditional formatting, deleting conditional formatting

Lesson Two - Including: Printing grouped worksheets and multiple workbooks, naming and modifying cell ranges, moving a named range, using range names to locate data, deleting a named range, using range names in calculations, formatting and resizing graphics, formatting charts and diagrams, finding trends in data
Lesson Three - Including: Setting security levels for macros, creating macros, running macros, editing a macro, creating a toolbar and menu to hold macros, deleting macros, deleting a toolbar button, deleting a custom toolbar and menu
Lesson Four - Including: Applying data validation rules, adding input messages and error alerts, locating invalid data, tracing precedents and dependents, tracing errors, evaluating formulas, using the watch window, using AutoFilter and Advanced Filter, using a data form
Lesson Five - Including: Compiling subtotals and consolidations, summarising data using outlining tools, using the database functions DSUM and DAVERAGE, using the Query Wizard with an external data source, analysing data using pivot tables, creating a pivot table chart, creating a pivot table chart, creating a pivot table from external data
Lesson Six - Including: Using data analysis to calculate rank and percentile, solving a problem using goal seek, using solver to calculate a quotation, creating What-If Analyses using the scenario manager
Lesson Seven - Including: Protecting worksheets and workbooks, applying and removing passwords, sharing a workbook, merging workbooks, understanding workbook history, track changes , eccept or reject changes, using digital signatures
Lesson Eight - Including: Inserting an embedded object inserting a linked object, retrieving data fro the web, saving as a web page, publishing worksheets, editing a web page and republish, saving an Excel workbook as an XML document, mapping daa in a workbook, importing an XML document into an existing mapping

Course Duration: 18 Hours

Course Code:

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Accuracy is the bedrock of secretarial courses – an example.

Secretarial courses must focus upon accuracy in every respect states Pitman Training Hammersmith .

Attention to detail pervades every aspect of a secretary’s role. For example, at Pitman Training in Hammersmith, the touch typing course emphasises accuracy above everything else. Usually, the secretary will focus on one thing: how many words they can type in a minute. However, a secretarial course at Pitman Training Hammersmith emphasises one important goal: accuracy. Develop accuracy first, speed later.

For example, if a secretarial course produces a secretary who can type extremely quickly but inaccurately the secretarial course will have been worthless. This is because the finalisation of the document has been deferred whilst corrections are made wasting both time and money.

So what can secretarial courses do to ensure a secretary makes less errors. The answer is simple: encourage, through their secretarial course, accuracy above speed. All secretary courses provide candidates with keyboard development drills so that accuracy and speed are developed.

The secretarial course can also encourage the secretary to proof read their work before returning it to the drafter. Further, secretary courses must continue to suggest strategies which the secretary can use so that interruptions, e.g. the phone ringing, do not result in typing errors.

Thankfully, secretary courses generally encourage accurate typing above speed to begin with. Once the student has built up their accuracy, speed is then developed.

Mike Connolly has written many articles on secretarial courses and the skills required to be taught as part of a secretarial course.

For further details on the skills required to become a secretary look at the course outlines on the Pitman Training Hammersmith website.

Secretarial CoursesSecretary Courses

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